The Independence Police Department issued a correction regarding its release last week about a fatal, officer-involved shooting earlier this year.

In a release that named Kevin Hellebuyck as the man who died in the Jan. 30 shooting outside Dollar General on 23rd Street in western Independence, police said Hellebuyck had fired at police before he was shot. The correction said the investigation showed Hellebuyck had pointed his gun, later found to be loaded, at officers before they fired.

In that release, police also cleared Michael Becker, who was injured by police in the incident.

According to police, officers had been called regarding an armed person at the store, and when they arrived they found two armed men – Hellebuyck and Becker – in an altercation. Hellebuyck was critically injured when officers fired, and he died from his injuries Feb. 12 at an area hospital. He had not been charged at the time of his death, a spokesperson for the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office confirmed.

Becker reportedly had rushed to the store from convenience store next door to protect his wife and young daughter inside the Dollar General. He recently settled with police and the city for $560,000.

The case remains under review by the prosecutor's office. An internal affairs investigation by IPD has not been concluded, the department said.