The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence.

Blue Springs

• Responders Grill & Bar, 2003 N.W. Missouri 7 – On June 27, chemical bottles were observed hanging on the canned food storage and on storage over toilet paper; corrected. Containers of deli meat in the walk-in cooler did not have a date marked on them; corrected.

• Taco Bell, 934 S. Missouri 7 – On June 27, there was a heavy accumulation of black build-up on the soda nozzles; corrected.

• Casa Mexico, 2525 N.W. Missouri 7 – On June 28, multiple containers of food in the walk-in cooler were not dated; corrected. Raw beef and raw chicken were stored in the same bin in Ziplock bags surrounded by a red liquid; beef was discarded and bleach was poured over it. Eggs were stored over cut vegetables; corrected.

• Lunar Bowl, 2001 N.W. Missouri 7 – On June 29, there was an accumulation of dark residue on the top portion of the ice machine. The meat breading cooler was out of temperature, milk was 45 degrees, and chicken was 47 degrees in the reach-in portion of the cooler. Make table temperatures were: Chicken 47 degrees and beef 47-48 degrees; re-inspection is required for this cooler. All potentially hazardous foods were discarded and chemical poured over it.

• Minsky's Pizza, 2201 N. Missouri 7 – On July 3, multiple containers of chicken wings and cut leafy greens were undated; corrected, repeat violation, re-inspection required.


• Sonic Drive-In, 118 E. U.S. 24 – On June 29, liquid eggs were stored above hot dogs in a reach-in cooler; corrected.

Grain Valley

• Casey's General Store, 1251 AA Hwy. – On June 28, multiple containers of food on the sandwich make table were held over 7 days; discarded.

• Cheezteak Company, 1452 S.W. Eagles Pkwy. – On June 28, the soda nozzles were dirty; corrected.

• Sonic Drive-In, 706 N. Main St. – On June 28, the soda nozzles had a build-up of residue within them; corrected, repeat violation, re-inspection required. The top left reach-in cooler next to the fryers, in a set of four coolers, was out of temperature; all potentially hazardous food was discarded, re-inspection required. The reach-in cooler next to the grill with the make table was out of temperature; all PHF was discarded, re-inspection required.

Lee's Summit

• El Potro Mexican Cafe, 210 S.W. Greenwich Drive – On June 28, soda nozzles behind the bar area had an accumulation of build-up; corrected. Inspectors noted the chicken temperature was 108 degrees and steak was 120 degrees that were being held in a pan on the stove, however the stove was not turned on; food had been out less than 2 hours, so it was allowed to be reheated to 165 degrees. Cheese sauce in a pan on top of the oven was 128 degrees; it had been out less than 2 hours and was allowed to be reheated. Cheese taquitos were placed on a pan at the prep table at a temperature of 70 degrees; they were out lass than 2 hours and were cooled to 41 degrees or below. Re-inspection required.

• La Fuente Mexican Restaurant, 899 S.W. Lemans Lane – On July 3, boxed tortillas were found on the floor in the dish washing area; corrected. The reach-in prep cooler was not reaching 41 degrees or below, it had an ambient air temperature of 50-54 degrees; the cooler had been stocked for less than 2 hours so the food was allowed to be put on ice to maintain temperature, re-inspection required.

• Wally's Grill and Drafthouse, 837 S.W. Lemans Lane – On July 3, both prep coolers were not maintaining a temperature of 41 degrees or below, the ambient air temperatures were 48-50 degrees; kitchen manager stated that all of the food held in the bottom of the coolers were stocked just an hour prior to the inspection so they were allowed to be moved to the walk-in cooler. Manager will place pans of food on ice to maintain the correct temperature and monitor the temperatures regularly. Re-inspection required.

– Jillayne Ritchie