The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence.

Blue Springs

• McDonald's, 1515 N.W. Woods Chapel Road – On July 26, food was stored below the chemical storage rack on the wall; corrected. Raw chicken was stored above ready-to-eat/precooked foods; corrected.

• Back Yard Burgers, 1900 N.W. M-7 – On July 30, inspectors found two undated containers of hot dogs; corrected.

• Johnny's Tavern, 1175 S.W. M-7 – On July 31, a container of chicken was found undated in the reach-in cooler with pizza toppings in it; corrected.

• Plowboys BBQ, 3111 S.W. M-7 – On July 31, inspectors found an out of temperature cooler; all potentially hazardous foods were discarded, re-inspection required.

• Rancho Grande Cantina, 501 N.W. Jefferson St. – On July 31, pork cooling in the walk-in cooler was sealed tightly and pans were stacked; product had just been put into the walk-in, so the establishment was allowed to correct.


• Thriftway, 012 E. Monroe – On July 27, the ambient air cooler for lettuce and dips was out of temperature; the system had been turned off temporarily for an unknown period of time, all potentially hazardous foods were discarded and bleach was poured over the food, re-inspection required.

• Shell Foodmart, 10 S. Central St. – On July 27, chemical sanitizer was testing at 0ppm; corrected.

• Misty's, 030 Monroe – On July 30, containers of meatloaf, ham and ground beef were not date marked; corrected.

Grain Valley

• El Maguey, 102 Buckner/Tarsney Road – On July 31, inspectors observed an accumulation of build-up on the can opener blade and the soda nozzles were dirty; corrected. An employee was serving using their bare hand to keep chips in basket when filling the chip basket; corrected. An employee was observed putting raw chicken and then raw shrimp on the grill without washing hands in between; employee washed hands and the inspector allowed the shrimp to be served because it had a final cooking temperature of 171 degrees.

Lee's Summit

• Raintree Lake POA, 825 S.W. Raintree Drive – On July 24, sanitizer was not being used or available in the concession stand to clean equipment.

• The Big Biscuit, 1640 S.E. Blue Pkwy. – On July 25, spray bottles of chemical cleaner were hanging on the storage rack above clean silverware; corrected.

• Ted's Cafe Escondido, 636 N.E. M-291 – On July 26, the chemical sanitizer was not sufficient in concentration; the restaurant ran out of quaternary ammonium sanitizer, they are to switch to bleach and hand mixed solution until it can be maintained by a repair man.

• IHOP, 628 N.E. M-291 – On July 26, a container of smoked sausages was found undated; corrected. A couple of plastic containers had deep cracks in them; discarded.

• KFC, 300 N.E. Rice Road – On July 26, two large containers of chicken were found undated in the walk-in cooler; corrected.

• Papa John's Pizza, 422 S.E. M-291 – On July 27, inspectors observed multiple chipped and cracked containers; discarded.

• Sonic Drive-In, 1901 E. Langsford Road – On July 30, the sanitizer in the buckets were to low in concentration; corrected. The soda nozzles near the drive thru window had an accumulation of residue built-up inside them; corrected.

Sugar Creek

• Neighborhood Market, 108 N. Sterling Ave. – On July 25, the soda nozzles had an accumulation of build-up.


• El Maguey, 6600 Raytown Road – On July 30, the sanitizer was not working properly in the dish washer; not enough chemical was being distributed to register, re-inspection required. Cheese dip sitting on the toaster did not have a holding temperature of 135 degrees and above; product was reheated to 165 degrees, re-inspection required. The reach-in cooler was not holding temperatures at 41 degrees or below; product was moved to the walk-in cooler.

• IHOP, 10000 E. M-350 – On July 30, an employee in the dish area had a sandwich and coffee cup next to clean dishes.

– Jillayne Ritchie