More than a dozen polling places in Blue Springs briefly lost power Tuesday afternoon, forcing some ballot totals to be recounted, but election officials said voting continued as normal.

The power outage caused the precinct counter machines at 15 polling places to go down, Jackson County Board of Election Director Tammy Brown said, and when seven of those machines had error codes when they regained power.

“We had to send out a new precinct counter for those,” Brown said.

Volunteers were able to check in voters without delay, as the laptop computers they used had battery power, and voting continued as normal while power was out.

The power outage was caused by an issue at Kansas City Power & Light substation.

Also, Monday evening's storms caused a couple power outages in northwest Independence. About 1,300 Independence Power & Light customers were without power after about 10 p.m., but by 11:30 the number was 945 and all people had power restored by 1:30 a.m., the city said. Lightning and downed tree limbs caused some additional sporadic outages throughout the night, but by 8 a.m. all power was restored.