Following a recent safety alert from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which notified consumers about the risk of eating or drinking liquid nitrogen, it remains unclear how Independence Center’s Angry Bull Subzero Dessert will proceed.

Angry Bull Subzero Dessert, a chain that opened in May in the mall food court, sells nitrogen-infused ice cream and desserts. After eating these treats, consumers appear to breath smoke – in reality, condensed moisture from one’s own breath – out of their mouths and noses. This unique effect has inspired many social media videos.

However, the FDA last week warned that consuming liquid nitrogen can cause internal organ damage, damage to the skin and breathing complications.

Last Thursday afternoon, it appeared unclear if Angry Bull Subzero Dessert was open, though it was unstaffed. This weekend, however, employees once again manned the establishment.

Signage around the counter warned of a risk for customers with asthma and advised against drinking liquid at the bottom of the cup.

“The well being of our customers is our number one priority and we want nothing more than the safety and health of all who choose to consume,” one sign read.

Independence Center manager Cheryl Meyer echoed this sentiment.

“We are aware of the FDA’s recent safety alert,” Meyer stated. “Our tenants are abiding by all FDA guidelines.”

The FDA encourages anyone who believes they might have been injured in the consumption of liquid nitrogen to call 1-888-723-3366.