Blue Springs Police has animal control officers monitoring a situation in which a dog was seen in a waterlogged pen Tuesday. A video posted by a concerned citizen went viral on social media and led to much backlash and allegations of animal abuse.

State laws prevent the city from seizing the dog without a warrant, the city said in release posted Wednesday, though the owner was cited, the owner removed standing water from the pen by Tuesday evening and the dog appears to be safe.

In the original video, the dog is seen pacing and barking in an outdoor pen with water puddled on paved floor. The pen is connected to a doghouse on one end, which Animal Control found to be dry when it visited. Later pictures shared by the city showed the owner had covered much of the pen floor with wood shavings. The pen also has plywood covering the top and guarding portions of the side.

“While it is difficult to see in the original video, the entrance to the dog house was about 8 inches above the floor of the outdoor dog run,” the city said, “which allowed the dog to seek elevated and dry shelter from the elements.”

The city said officers checked on the dog and spoke with the owner Wednesday morning and will continue to check in. Like many places in the area, Blue Springs has experienced some record rainfall in the past few days.

“We certainly do not want to see any dog or animal suffer, and we will do what we can, legally, to ensure the safety and protection of all animals within our city,” the city’s statement says.