NBC news anchor Lester Holt likes to move the evening news broadcast around the country when he can.

“I do like it. People who know me know I get a little restless in a studio,” Holt said Tuesday. “I like to get out.”

The NBC Nightly News will be broadcast from Kansas City on Thursday, part of a week of stops in Houston, San Diego and elsewhere. It’s the third such week-across-the-country event since he took over as anchor in 2015.

Part of it, Holt said, is seeing parts of the country not just during big news events. For instance, Holt and company went to Houston last year when Hurricane Harvey struck. This week, they’re back, with stories about recovery from the storm.

And Kansas City?

One planned story is about the city’s economic segregation, “not only the legacy of that but how it’s being addressed,” Holt said.

Plus, there’s music.

“You can’t come to Kansas City and not do a music story,” he said.

There will also be an attempt, he said, to explain to America the whole confusing Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas City, Kansas thing, and of course there’s a taste of local food – barbecue.

“That’s part of the fun” of moving the show out of New York once in a while, he said.

The broadcast will be from somewhere near the World War I Museum, and Holt said though it’s not a public show per se, some people always show up, and he gets a chance to shake hands and visit.

“I like to talk to people,” he said. “It’s what it’s all about.”