The City of Independence Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public within city limits. Critical violations must be handled within 72 hours.

• The Lunch Box, 13605 E. 35th St. – On Sept. 13, inspectors noted an employee with two facial piercings, one below the lip and a subermal below her right eye; this is against the Independence Food Code and the next offense will result in tickets being issued to the owner and the employee.

• William Chrisman High School, 1223 N. Noland Road – On Sept. 19, the kitchen staff was not washing their hands at proper times.

• Culver's, 4220 S. Little Blue Pkwy. – On Sept. 25, the lids to steam pans and utensils were not being kept clean, it was evident by the appearance of the lids that the food residue was from the day before at a minimum. There was no sanitized water available on the cook line.

• Erin's Pub, 3010 S. Missouri 291 – On Sept. 25, the hot water handle was leaking water at the sprayer by the dish washer.

• Sonic Drive-In, 11320 E. 23rd St. – On Sept. 27, vent hoods and utensils were not being kept clean and the insides of the fryer was not free from an accumulation of soil.

• Sonic Drive-In, 16510 E. 23rd St. S. – On Sept. 28, the vent hoods were not being kept clean. Inspectors found a leak from the water filtration system; must be repaired.

• 99 Cent Deals, 9234 E. U.S. 24 – On Oct. 1, poisonous/toxic material was not being stored separately from food items.

• Church's Chicken, 701 N. Noland Road – On Oct. 2, the sandwich cooler was 54.5 degrees; all potentially hazardous foods were discarded and cooler was taken out of service. A receipt for repair must be sent to the Health Authority.

• Discount Smokes & Liquor, 3459 S. Sterling Ave. – On Oct. 8, the plumbing on the cooling unit in the walk-in cooler was leaking.

• Original Pizza, 18801 E 39th St. S. – On Oct. 10, no manager on site had an Independence Manager Card or any manager certification at all; must have by Nov. 13. The salad prep was table out of temperature; the inspectors advised the owner to turn the temperature down or use ice and metal pans, then check at least every 3 hours.

• Subway, 1415 W. 23rd St. – On Oct. 11, the sandwich prep cooler was 70 degrees; all food was discarded. The employees forgot to turn the cooler on when the stored opened.

– Jillayne Ritchie