Halloween is a fun time for children and adults. Most of us have good, clean fun on Halloween but there are people out there that have different ideas about what is fun on Halloween. The main thing the rest of us needs to do is keep our animals safe.

Animals, children, and the elderly are the most vulnerable part of our population. We need to do all we can to protect them. Sadly, there are people out there that like hurting animals. Any cat that is outside running loose could be hurt. Some bad people seek out black cats on Halloween. They need protection. Dogs that are left outside could be stolen or hurt. Dogs tethered outside are especially vulnerable to being hurt because they can’t get away from an aggressor. Most people don’t want to think about things like this, but we need to because we don’t want to lose our beloved pets in such a horrible way.

During Halloween we need to keep our pets safe. Whether you are receiving trick-or-treaters or having a Halloween party please keep your pets in mind. Our pets don’t understand our crazy ways. Dressing up in costumes and makeup has to look strange to our pets. Our border collie used to bark at me if I put a hat on. To her that was weird. Costumes might scare our pets and a pet might dart out the front door when you answer the doorbell. You might want to allow your pet to hang out with your party friends, but you might find a friend giving your pet alcohol. That is not good!

Keep your pets inside where they are safe from the outside, but put them in a back bedroom or a comfortable space where they have a bed and some water. Don’t leave your pets outside and when you take them outside be sure to watch them.

We want everyone to be safe and have a good Halloween. We must protect our animals from those who can harm them.

ABF is looking for volunteers for various jobs at their rescue facility, who are dependable, hard-working individuals and have a love for animals. If interested, go to www.animalsbestfriends.org or call 816-254-8664.