Two Boy Scouts in Troop 201 in Independence recently reached the rank of Eagle.

Jeremiah Brison is the son of Rebecca and James Brison. Jeremiah entered Scouting as a Cub Scout in Pack 201 with Maywood Baptist Church. With Pack 201 he earned his Arrow of Light, then transferred to Boy Scout Troop 201.

He has spent 72 nights camping and earned 54 merit badges. His positions of responsibility in the troop have included serving as the librarian.

Jeremiah’s Eagle service project was a blood drive at at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, collecting 29 units of blood.

He is Firebuilder Son of Last Running White Buffalo in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, is a brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow and has earned awards that include the CyberCHIP Award, Totin' Chip, Historic Trails, Paul Bunyan Woodsman, Troop 201 – Scout Spirit Award, Snorkeling BSA, World Conservation, CPR-trained, and Troop 201 Junior Leader Training Certificate.

Jeremiah attends Truman High School, where he works at the Patriot Cup, the school’s coffee and snack store. He also attends St. Mark’s United Methodist Church where he is an acolyte. Jeremiah enjoys drawing various scenes with pen and paper. When he can he enjoys watching WWE wrestling.

After he graduates from high school he intends to “go to college and study animation, so I can learn to make movies.”

Jeremiah would like to pass on wisdom to new Scouts that “it may be scary at times, but keep moving forward.” He adds, “listening to your patrol leader, because they were elected to that position.”

He says he would like to give special thanks his parents for always being there for him supporting and encouraging him, and would like to recognize the big influence that “both my older brothers, Joseph and Joshua Brison” had on his life. They taught him “to always move forward and earn my Eagle.”


Skye Jewett-Hill’s scouting career began with pack 203 and continued with Troop 203. He transferred to troop 201 in December 2012.

He has spent 91 nights camping and earned 36 merit badges. His positions of responsibility in the troop have included serving as senior patrol leader, patrol leader, quartermaster, instructor and senior quartermaster.

His Eagle service project consisted of building a picnic table at a school. The project also included cleaning up weeds and trash. The project benefited the organization “because the school doesn't have anything outside so that picnic table allows them to relax and do work outside,” Skye said.

He is Firebuilder Man in the Woods in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say and is a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow. He has earned the Coup of the Long Trail, the Totin Chip award, the 12-Month Camping award, the 50-Miler award, the 2016 Mic-O-Say Chief’s Challenge, Scuba BSA and the Troop 201 – Just Do It award. He has taken Troop 201 Junior Leader Training and National Youth Leadership Training.

Outside of scouting Skye is involved in theater and competitive drama at William Chrisman High School. He enjoys acting. Skye has earned the Sasha the piñata in middle school. He won fourth place in a competitive drama tournament.

Skye’s future includes going “to college and have a place to settle down because that is the simplest way to live.” He hopes to direct movies.

Skye said he would like to recognize his mom, Rachel Jewett, for her love and caring.

Skye describes his scouting career as “a good long ride in my teenage years” and mentioned “going to the Canadian Boundary Waters for our high adventure because it wasn’t like any other campout we went to; it was more of a survival workout.”

Skye would like to pass along to new scouts “always learn and have fun because when you come in, it is going to be hard to get into, but it is the greatest experience you will get in your life.”