Incumbent and Republican Dan Stacy is seeking a second term as Representative of District 31 in the Missouri House of Representatives. Democrat Travis Hagewood, an autoworker and Realtor, is challenging him.

The district includes much of Blue Springs, Lake Tapawingo and small portions of Independence and Lee’s Summit. State representatives serve two-year terms.

The Examiner asked candidates a series of questions. Their responses are below.

Introduce yourself. Why are you running for office?

Dan Stacy: I am a business owner of 17 years and worked in worship ministry. Additionally, I served as a high school band director and a college music professor.

I am a member of the Blue Springs Christian Church, the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce, Blue Springs School District Citizen Advisory Council, Jackson County Republican Committee and the National Rifle Association.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in biblical literature from Ozark Christian College in 1980 and a bachelor’s degree in music education from the University of North Texas in 1983.

I am endorsed by Missouri Right to Life, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business, the National Rifle Association and the Missouri Club for Growth.

Travis Hagewood: I have been an autoworker and an active member of the United Auto Workers for 25 years. I have also sold real estate for the past nine years.

What are the three biggest issues facing the state and what should be done about them?

Stacy: My vision for Missouri and why I’m running for re-election is to continue the work on the RIGHT path we are on:

1) To continue the work of growth and prosperity for all Missourians, both union and non-union workers.

2) To continue to reduce government red tape, allowing job creators to invest in Missouri and Missouri Jobs.

3) To reform our health-care system in ways that make sense, by providing transparency in pricing and creating competition in the marketplace, which will drive down prices. This will provide Missourians with better choices for managing their care and their healthcare dollars.

4) To help ensure that your vote, and thus your representation in government, is truly reflective of your desires.

My vision for Missouri is a brighter future moving forward to even brighter days.

Hagewood: My top three issues are health care, education and campaign Finance reform.

1) Education: I am working on a bill that will expand the A+ program to four-year universities and bring more trade schools to our state. I feel that if our children are educated in fields like automation, and if we make improvements to our states infrastructure, that more well-paying jobs will come to Missouri.

2) Health care: I want to expand Medicaid and put it on the open market for anyone to BUY into, at cost. This should help to bring down the price of other insurers, due to competition. At the very least it will be a lower priced option for people.

3) Campaign finance reform: I want to rebalance the scales back in favor of the people. Right now, our elected officials pander to corporate and special-interest groups. These corporate and special-interest groups funnel in so much money that the scales are tipped heavily in their favor. I feel that if we can take away most of that money, that the scales will swing back in favor of the people and that people will actually start to matter to the very people that they elect to represent them in the first place.


Financial reports

Stacy’s campaign has taken in $28,999 and spent $33,898.

Top contributors include:

• $5,100: Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City.

• $5,200: Grow Missouri PAC.

• $3,600: Mike McGraw, CEO, Blue Springs.

• $2,600: David Humphreys, Joplin.

• $805: Bev Worth, retired, Lee’s Summit.

• $600: Phillip Klein Trust, retired, Leawood.

• $500: Reed Hastings, self-employed, California; Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund; MBA Truman Region PAC; Cheyenne International; National Federation of Independent Business Missouri PAC.

State Senator Mike Cierpiot, R-Lee’s Summit, also donated $250.

Hagewood’s campaign has received $24,056 and spent $21,232.

Top contributors include:

• $3,290: Midwest States United Automobile Workers Region 5.

• $2,600: Laborers’ International Union of North America.

• $2,600: Heavy Construction Laborers Local Union.

• $2,600: CHIPP Political Account.

• $2,500: Jackson County Democratic Committee.

• $1,000: St. Louis – Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council.

• $600: Mitch Weber, videographer, Parkville.

• $500: Better Schools for Missouri; Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen Missouri PAC; Missouri Service Employees International Union State Council; Taxpayers Unlimited; Missouri State Council of Firefighters PAC; Diane Baker, attorney, Kansas City;