A second Independence City Council member now faces a possible recall attempt.

A citizen filed and received approval for a recall petition Friday against Third District Council Member Scott Roberson, who represents generally the southeast portion of Independence.

Roberson said Monday evening he had not yet seen the petition and would not comment on the recall attempt. According to the city clerk’s office, the petition was submitted by Amanda Ploeger.

Last month, a group of citizens received approval to gather signatures for a recall petition against Fourth District Council Member Tom Van Camp.

Petitioners can gain a recall election if they get signatures from 8 percent of the voters in a council member’s district. The City Council would then have to put the recall question on the ballot on an election day 30 to 90 days after receiving notification from the city clerk. After Nov. 6, the next municipal election is in April 2019. The February elections are only for bond issues.

The petition gives two reasons for the recall attempt against Roberson:

• He voted for a landfill in a neighborhood, ignored environmental problems, then took a campaign donation from landfill developer and his lawyer.

• He voted to give millions of tax dollars and city utility revenue to pay the private loan owed by businessmen on the Bass Pro development project, after taking a campaign donation from one of the businessmen.

Roberson, a local dentist, was elected to the council in 2014 and re-elected in 2016. His term expires in 2020.