Are we all enjoying our morning without multiple advertisements for multiple political candidates for multiple states trying to crowd out the news?

I’m good, he’s bad, she’s worse, she’s fabulous, he’s honest, he’s a shyster, she’s a fraud – I thought it would never end, but thankfully, for a little while it’s all over bar the shouting, and you just know there’ll be a lot of shouting.

I’m so bored with it all, I’m actually looking forward to the 759th version of how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, being reminded of the number of shopping days until Christmas, and yes, even looking forward to hearing Christmas – or in PC terms “holiday” – music.

I must be unwell. However, I’ve digressed even before I’ve started.

Don’t you hate knowing someone is taking advantage of you?

Sir gets extremely miffed when it is a company that does the taking, and he came across one doing just that the other day.

I’m a very firm believer in setting up recurring bills to be automatically paid from our bank account. Then you don’t have to depend on the company processing the bill, the Postal Service getting your bill to you, hoping the Postal Service can get the check back to the company, all within the time limit so you’re not cut off and left in the dark, heat, cold, without a TV, internet or phone, all of which is horribly inconvenient and a pain in the rear to get reconnected.

However, once you’ve set it all up to run like clockwork, unless you are extremely vigilant, you’re unlikely to see the charge fluctuate, always in the direction of up, over time.

We’ve had an account for 20 years with a company providing monitoring service for our alarm system. No name, no pack drill, but suffice it to say, Sir, when speaking with a colleague who uses the same company, realized we were paying considerably more than he thought we ought.

In 20 years, it appeared our charge had crept onward and upward so we are now paying twice as much per month as when we started.

Well, Sir mentally donned his superhero cape, Spandex sparkly tights and muscled body suit, and transformed into Customer Service Challenger-Man, defender of the downtrodden and taken-advantage-of poor schmucks.

Customer Service Challenger-Man of course had his telephonic moment in the sun, bellowing “cancel our service,” and finally got the charge backed way down, I think if I’m correct, to 2000 prices, so his Spandex sparkled even brighter.

When challenged over the ethics of just hiking prices willy-nilly, he was told in tones one would use on a recalcitrant third grader that if he didn’t want to pay the extra, all he had to do was call and renegotiate the contract each year.

Well, silly old us, we were just ripe for the picking weren’t we? Well Sir says, nay, nay! Nevermore, nevermore, quoth the raven. He’s upping his secret persona to Vigilant Customer Service Challenger-Man and will defend our castle with sparklier spandex in future.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at