A 70-year-old Independence man faces child sex charges in a case involving a 9-year-old victim.

Jackson County prosecutors have charged Sam Schuler with two counts of statutory sodomy as well as one count of sexual misconduct involving a child under the age of 15. Independence police continue to investigate and are seeking information on possible additional victims.

According to court documents, the victim's mother said Schuler had been watching her child at his apartment on Stone Arch Drive when the alleged crime took place Oct. 1. The victim told a forensic interviewer at the Child Protection Center that Schuler gave her marijuana and “kinky drink” that makes a person want to do sexual things, took pictures of her naked and exposed himself.

The 9-year-old victim also said two other juvenile victims were present and Schuler took nude photos of them and performed sexual acts while taking pictures, and that in Schuler's closet there are several “nasty” magazines.

She also said her 12-year-old friend had been raped by Schuler. That victim told a forensic interviewer Schuler had performed sexual acts on her, that she had watched a victim perform a sex act on Schuler and that they both had watched Schuler masturbate several times.

According to court documents, Schuler said the 9-year-old victim had been coming to his apartment a couple times a month and he'd known the mother for several years. Schuler said he never touched the victim in a sexual way or taken nude photos of her or seen her naked. He denied giving the victim marijuana or alcohol and later said she probably stole those from him. He said the victims might have taken nude photos of each other, but never saw them doing that.

Schuler said he didn't know why the victims would make up allegations but that he wouldn't pass a lie detector test because he gets too nervous. He said he failed a lie detector test in 2002 about molesting his grandchildren.

Prosecutors requested a $150,000 cash bond. Anyone with information possible additional victims of Schuler should call police at 816-836-3600.