Brenda Jensen had the opportunity Wednesday to meet and thank the Independence first responders who saved her life Oct. 2 after she was injured by a spooked horse, suffering severe head trauma. Jensen had been leading her horse to the barn in rural eastern Independence when his hip touched an electric fence. When the horse quickly backed up, a hind leg got caught in between two gate rails and he panicked and jumped, pushing the gate into Jensen and knocking her out. As the horse frantically tried to free its leg, he stepped on Jensen's head. A friend called 911, and a fire captain notified LifeFlight for possible response. Working with Independence Police, Jackson County Sheriff deputies and Fort Osage Fire District to block U.S. 24 and create a helicopter landing zone, fire service and AMR personnel loaded Jensen into an ambulance. They drove her to the waiting helicopter. Jensen spent 12 days in the hospital recovering, knowing all along she wanted to reach out to the first responders. ‘I was thinking about them a lot,’ Jensen said in a city release. They ‘saved my life and, because of these men and women, I’m still here for my sons.’ Among the first responders involved were firefighters Michael Cangelosi, Mark Biggs, Jason Willis, Jeremy Watters and Mike Ditamore, as well as Ronnie Crowden, Ashley Reinert and Christina Biondo from AMR. [Photo courtesy of the city of Independence]