The second of two Kansas City men who pleaded guilty to charges from a 10-day metro-area crime spree in December 2016 will spend 30 years in federal prison without parole.

Roy House, 38, was sentenced Wednesday in federal court in Kansas City He had pleaded guilty in March to conspiracy to commit robbery and to brandishing a loaded gun during a violent crime. Co-defendant Curlie Pruitt III, 40, pleaded guilty to the same charges and was sentenced in September to 10 years and nine months without parole.

The two were arrested after a head-on collision with a police at an Independence QuikTrip.

Both admitted to conspiring to rob four businesses at gunpoint in December 2016. They stole $500 and at least one carton of cigars from the Road Star gas station at U.S. 40 and Sterling Avenue in Independence, and took $150 from an employee. They also stole cash and cigars at a convenience store in Excelsior Springs, a Discount Smokes in Kansas City North and a gas station in Randolph.

Independence police arrested them Dec. 20, 2016. An employee at the Super 8 Hotel at 4032 S. Lynn Court Drive called about two men and suspicious activity near the hotel’s entrance. An officer went there but found nothing.

About a half hour later, the two men returned, the hotel called again, and the officer was dispatched a second time. A hotel employee said one of the men was standing outside the hotel entrance and the other was inside the lobby, banging on the counter.

As officers began arriving, the two men tried to leave in a blue Ford 500. Pruitt was the driver. An officer tried to stop them.

But Pruitt sped up, turned into the nearby QuikTrip parking lot and – still at high speed – turned as if to get on Noland. He collided with another patrol vehicle, disabling the Ford and the squad car. Pruitt tried to get out, but another officer used a squad car to pin the door shut.

Inside the Ford, police found a loaded .45-caliber handgun. Felons are not allowed to possess firearms or ammunition, and both Pruitt and House have served time for multiple prior felony convictions.

Police say they also found a marijuana cigarette in the car, an open can of beer – still cold – and two stocking caps, one with a hole cut in the top. They also found that the license plates on the car weren’t registered to that car.