The Grain Valley Board of Education is expected to take up proposed elementary school boundary adjustments tonight. The changes would take effect next fall, affecting hundreds of students.

The board meets at 6 p.m. in the library at North Middle School. The meeting is open to the public.

The suggested revisions affect all four elementary schools. About 180 students would be moved out of Matthews Elementary – half to Stony Point and half to Sni-A-Bar. Also, about 90 students would be shifted from Prairie Branch to Matthews.

The proposals come as a response to the district’s trends and projections. Currently, Stony Point and Sni-A-Bar are at 75 percent capacity, while Prairie Branch and Matthews stand at 91 percent capacity. Prairie Branch and Matthews also show a more upward enrollment trend, whereas Sni-A-Bar and Stony Point enrollment has been flat and is expected to stay that way.

Based on growth projections from the last nine years, the school district estimates that it could be another 10 years until a fifth elementary school becomes necessary. The combined elementary capacity currently rests at 83 percent.

If the district does make a boundary change, families would be notified of the transition plan in writing. To ease the transition, each school welcoming new students as a result of the changes would host incoming events for both students and families. To view the proposed redrawn maps, visit