An ordinary traffic stop Friday morning ended with an Oak Grove police officer hospitalized after an Independence man allegedly punched and kicked the officer and resisted arrest violently enough that police used a stun gun twice.

Jackson County prosecutors charged 26-year-old Jerry Davis, 26, with second-degree assault of a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. They requested a $100,000 bond.

Oak Grove police said the officer was treated at a hospital and would require follow-up medical care. Davis had minor abrasions, police said.

The traffic stop happened on the entrance ramp to westbound Interstate 70 from Broadway in Oak Grove, after the officer noted an expired license plate and a burned-out headlight.

According to court documents, as the officer got out of his vehicle, Davis also got out and walked toward the officer in an aggressive, loud and belligerent manner. The officer drew his handgun and told Davis to get back into his car, and Davis went back, leaned in and pulled out his cell phone to begin recording the incident. He then got back into his car.

The officer holstered his gun, approached Davis and told him why he stopped him. Davis continued to yell and asked to see the headlight. The officer then showed him the headlight, as Davis continued to yell and be belligerent. When the officer asked for Davis' license and insurance, Davis punched the officer's flashlight back into his face, drawing blood from his lip.

The officer was able to pin Davis against his car, but Davis continued to resist arrest and fight as a second officer arrived. Officers used a stun gun once on Davis' back, to no avail, then warned he would be hit again. After a second use of the stun gun, the officers were able to arrest him.

As officers started to put Davis in a police car, he kicked them first officer in the leg, then while in the backseat he reared back and kicked the same officer in the cheek, according to court documents.