Santa Claus has completed his rounds, and the new year is upon us.

And so now a list of new year’s wishes would seem in order.

• For our Kansas City Chiefs: Just this once, may we fulfill the promise of the success we’ve enjoyed this season, and bring home, not just a number one seed in the conference, not just a long run in the playoffs, but a doggone Super Bowl championship. It’s been nearly 50 years, for crying out loud. We’re due. May this be the year!

• For our good state, and its elected public servants in Jefferson City: Calm waters, diminished disputation and a newfound attitude of respect, cooperation and tolerance from both sides of the aisle. It seems that the leadership and demeanor of our relatively new Governor Mike Parson has reinstilled a sense of esteem and dignity to our state’s government, after the recent history of arrogance, deceit and bullying that marked the brief tenure of his disgraced predecessor.

• For the Kansas City metropolitan area: A workable and financially feasible plan for that new airport that has been all the talk of late. It really is the front door to our great city, in an important way, and an upgrade is truly in order.

• For Circuit Judge David Byrn, once upon a time a Blue Springs lawyer and perhaps as much responsible as anyone for my landing in our fair community some 30 years ago, now preparing to begin his term as the presiding judge for the Jackson County Circuit Court: Best of luck as you set aside your courtroom duties to take your term in the role of lead administrator of the Court.

• For my beloved Missouri Tigers: A victory in the Liberty Bowl, a strong finish to the basketball season, continued dominance in NCAA wrestling, and freedom from controversy in the year to come.

• For the friends and loved ones of those who have been lost: As much peace, comfort and healing as can be humanly possible under circumstances of abject and inexplicable tragedy.

• For those who work in occupations that are risky and dangerous: May you all experience protection, security and a safe return to your homes and families each and every day.

• For American service men and women stationed all over the world: Peace and safety throughout your deployment.

• For those of us here in the USA: A federal government that is funded and functioning, and not a pawn in some political whizzing match over something as meaningless as a wall. Wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for that anyway?

• For those who seek to exploit, victimize, bully and inflict harm on their fellow man: The backswing of karma you so richly deserve.

• For the United States Supreme Court: The continued wisdom to be guided by precedent, reason and the rule of law. The same for the federal Courts of Appeals and federal District Courts of our land.

• And for my friends and family: Happiness, good health, and prosperity.

Happy new year!

Ken Garten is a Blue Springs attorney. Email him at