Blue Springs Police are trying to find witnesses they believe came upon the scene of the Dec. 22 triple-fatal crash immediately after it happened.

The crash happened about 8:10 Saturday night on Duncan Road near the entrance to the Indian Hills Estates subdivision and left three teenage boys – 15-year-old Nicholas Fordham and Darrian Warmack and Kaylen Wright, both 16 – dead at the scene. Police have not determined who was driving the Toyota Acura in which they were riding. All three boys were ejected from the car, and the vehicle was not registered to a relative of any of them.

Video from a nearby home security camera showed eastbound vehicles arrive at the scene after the crash – the first one staying a short while and the second simply driving around the scene. Neither vehicle was at the scene by the time police arrived, and investigators believe those drivers might be able to help identify who was driving.

The boys' Acura had been westbound – possibly at excessive speed, police said – when a woman driving an SUV eastbound started to turn into Indian Hills Estates, thinking she had a clear lane, when the Acura suddenly appeared the SUV driver hit her brakes. The Acura clipped the front of the SUV, went off the right side of Duncan, and crashed into the ditch and several trees and was ripped apart.

911 calls for the crash came from the SUV driver, who was not cited, and neighbors who heard the crash at first, police said.

Duncan Road is straight but not completely flat at that point – about a half-mile west of Missouri 7 – and the posted speed limit is 35 mph.

Police have confirmed the Acura had been used with permission and was not stolen. State law does not permit passengers with 16-year-old intermediate licensed drivers.