We rang in the new year – senior style – with a trip to the doctors and lunch.

When you start celebrating on New Year’s Eve at noon, you’re either over 50 and know you won’t be able to stay awake that late, or you’re 20 and most likely will be passed out by the time the clock strikes midnight.

We not only went out to lunch but also topped it off with a visit to the dermatologist to be sure all these brown spots popping up are just that, brown spots, and nothing more than a reminder I should be wearing sunscreen during my obsession of mowing the 10 acres. Duly noted as I lucked out and everything checked out OK.

While eating lunch we laughed how things have changed in our lives, knowing we’d be spending the evening binge watching something on Netflex and were excited about it.

They say 60 is the new 40 and although my mind thinks I could still party the night away, my body knows better. I struggle most evenings to stay awake through the 9 o’clock news and whether I want to be up or not, I’m awake at 6 a.m.

Typically we don’t accompany each other on doctors’ visits, but since it was a “holiday” of sorts we decided to make a day out of it. To be quite honest, it was nice having someone to chat with in the lobby of the doctors’ office and share my good news with as soon as I came out. We both agreed this could be the beginning of a trend, since, like it or not, doctor visits will more than likely become more frequent with each passing year.

We’re not wishing away the years, or trying to go over the hill any faster than we have to, but there is a level of comfort knowing someone is near, should you need help.

It just happened to me the other day while putting away the folding table. I have no idea how I managed it, but the top part of my middle finger got stuck in the folding leg contraption and it wasn’t going to come out without some leverage. When he came running, after I yelled for help, he was trying to control his snickering as I stood there with a finger stuck in the crossbars. I’m beginning to think it’s never going to look right again – the finger, not the table.

While enjoying something from the menu called a scrambled bowl, covered in gravy, we talked about our new year’s resolutions we both know we’ll never keep. All the same goals – eating healthy, exercising and taking the time to enjoy more day dates.

The entire time we were in this restaurant, it was hard not to notice the family at the next table. The parents were both in a zombie state of mind, staring at their iPhones, while their elementary-aged little girl looked as if she was as lonely as a deserted ship.

We may be going over the hill, but at least we’ll have two hands on the handlebars, as we made a real resolution, to put the phones down.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at sandydownhome@hotmail.com.