A Blue Springs teenager has been arrested and charged in connection with a triple shooting last November that left one teen dead and two others injured.

Jackson County prosecutors charged Aden Kaler, 17, with second-degree murder, first-degree attempted robbery and two counts of armed criminal action for the Nov. 10 shooting in the basement of a Blue Springs home that left Jayden Lockett, 17, dead and an 18-year-old boy critically injured. A 19-year-old was shot in the elbow and released from the hospital the next day. Police had been searching for Kaler as a person of interest and arrested him Friday, though they did not specify how that took place.

The shooting happened in the 1200 block of Southwest Sunset Street, a block south U.S. 40 and west of Missouri 7. Police found Lockett dead inside and another teen injured after three people came out of the house.

One witness told police Lockett had arrived at the residence with Kaler, there was an altercation, Kaler pointed a handgun and shots were fired. The witness wasn't sure if Kaler had fired the shots, though.

Another witness admitted to police that his brother sells marijuana from their basement and said Lockett and Kaler were there to rob them of money and drugs.

A third witness said Lockett had told him he planned to go to the Sunset home to smoke weed and that if there was a large amount on hand, he would rob them. The witness said he knew Lockett carried a gun.

A fourth witness who drove Lockett's car to the home said Lockett and Kaler were there to buy drugs. The witness waited outside in the car, and then Kaler came out and told him to leave because there had been gunfire inside. He drove Lockett's car, parked it near an elementary school, gave the keys to Kaler and left.

Another witness who saw Kaler after the shooting said Kaler looked “red like a potato” and told him the robbery went bad, though he said he didn't see Kaler with a gun and Kaler didn't admit to shooting anyone. Kaler made a few phone calls and then left that home, the witness said.

On the 911 call from the Sunset Street home, investigators could hear someone in the background calling Kaler by name and telling him to “Get the (expletive) out of here.”

Prosecutors requested a $150,000 cash bond.