Jeanette Melton


During the recent snowstorm a tree fell in my front yard and knocked down the power line to my house. It was on a Sunday afternoon. I called Independence Power and Light and workers responded.

I appreciate their kindness. They said I would need to obtain an electrician before they could repair my line and regretted I was going to be in the dark with no heat.

I called various electricians and was not able to get one to repair my box so the city could restore my power.

On Monday morning, I asked Mike HUff, city councilor, is he could help me obtain an electrician, and he got someone to come that same morning and the city employees repaired my power line and also hooked up a new meter. They also got a snow plow to clear the street.

I am grateful for Mike Huff’s consideration, promptness and kindness in this emergency for my comfort, safety and well-being.

Thank you, Mike Huff and city employees.