When the people of Head & Shoulders decided to highlight “headstrong” business people across the country for the company’s Super Bowl TV ad, an Independence business caught their collective eye.

Pastor Nancy Kerr and her KC Weddings 2 Go will be one of three businesses featured in Head & Shoulders commercials during Sunday's game.

Kerr said she first heard from the shampoo company about two weeks ago. Her longevity in the wedding business – she has more than 35 years as a photographer and ramped up her mobile wedding business about five years ago – her good reviews and her unique business made for an appealing commercial possibility.

In a video tease for the commercial released this week, Kerr is shown asking “Why?” with a questioning look after the narrator says Head & Shoulders is going to give the “headstrong” business people a Super Bowl commercial. She said her initial reaction to the company's offer was quite similar.

The other business featured are Smash Therapy in the Houston area (customers get to break things to safely get rid of emotions) and Get Your Goats Rentals in the Atlanta area (get a herd to safely eat away a yard of weeds and overgrowth).

“At first you go, 'Is this real?'” Kerr said. “They asked me where are some of the unique places that you've married people. The list is endless.”

The crew of about 50 people that traveled to Independence spent 15 hours filming around the city on Jan. 20, including many places on the Square – taking a small break to watch the Chiefs play for the conference championship. They filmed at Up Dog, the Courthouse Exchange, Direct Casket Outlet, Jones Taxidermy and Shop 'N Pawn on the Square, as well as El Jefe Tire Shop on U.S. 40.

The video tease includes shots at the casket store, taxidermy and tire shop.

Kerr said she doesn't know exactly when her commercial will air, only that it will be during the game break.

“Even though the Chiefs aren't in the Super Bowl, a lot of people will still watch it,” she said, adding that the commercials can be seen on Head & Shoulders' YouTube page after the game.

When Kerr was in the Air Force, she served as a chaplain's assistant and did wedding photos, leading to her first experience officiating weddings.

In recent years, she's made her business particularly mobile, driving her van to professional sporting events, motorcycle rallies and boats at Table Rock Lake to perform weddings. She's had her small chapel on Main Street on the Square for about three years, then a year ago also opened Edison Event Space on Liberty Street.

“I'm an unbiased wedding officiant – any religion, any affiliation, it doesn't matter,” she said.

Perhaps her favorite customer? Royals catcher Salvador Perez, who married Maria Gabriela in a small ceremony on the Square in August (they signed the key “Salvy and Gaby”), then flew Kerr down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the large ceremony, which several teammates attended.

Even after countless weddings over many years, Kerr said she still occasionally tears up during a ceremony.

“I love this. It's not just an experience for the couple, it's an experience for me,” she said. “They bring such a spirit.”

“That's what's important, having given them exactly what they wanted. Anyplace, anytime, anywhere people want to get married, I want people to have fun.”