From The Examiner the week of Jan. 27 to Feb. 1, 1969:

• “STADIUM ROOF STILL COUNTY COURT HOPE” – A proposal to finance the movable cover of the Jackson County Sports Complex by the issuance of revenue bonds was under consideration of the county court today. The sports authority has clung strongly to the idea that a movable cover should be provided for the two stadiums, citing the fact that voters were promised a covered stadium at the time of the vote on the bond issue.

• “BENEFIT DISTRICT SOUGHT FOR PARK FACILITIES, SIDEWALKS” – A group of citizens asked for a benefit district last night in order to provide park facilities and sidewalks in their sector. A zoning change, to allow apartments on 43 acres north of Tomasha Village, west of Phelps Road and south of I-70, has been opposed by members of several homeowners associations and residents of the area, which is composed mostly of single-family residences. An attorney for the group said residents are prepared to shoulder the tax responsibility for sidewalks and parks.

• “INSPECTION LAW AT A STANDSTILL” – Jefferson City, Mo. (UPI) – The thorny problem of the state’s mandatory vehicle inspection law was at an apparent standstill today as the governor and legislators searched for a solution. Yesterday Gov. Warren E. Hearnes gave motorists whose car licenses must be renewed in January until Feb. 28 to get their vehicles inspected. The 1967 Legislature approved the law. Since inspection began last Dec. 1, there has been a flood of complaints due to the high number of rejections and other problems which had not been anticipated.

From The Independence Examiner the week of Jan. 27 to Feb. 1, 1919:

• “FOUND HIDDEN DYNAMITE” – A large quantity of dynamite was discovered yesterday by Federal officials in the basement of a hall near the Labor Temple. Four men were arrested yesterday morning and confessed that they knew where the dynamite was. The officers believe they have apprehended the agencies responsible for the dynamite outrages of the street car strike.

• ”TO SURVEY NEW ROUTE” – A new route, in part at least, may be chosen for the proposed great highway between Independence and Kansas City, in the building of which it is hoped to receive much state and federal aid. The route would be parallel with the tracks of the Kansas City Railways Company, north of Mount Washington Cemetery. There are some very steep long hills on the Van Horn Road where it passes through the Blue Ridge. These would be avoided completely.

• “TO USE OLD COURT HOUSE” – The old county court house on the city hall lot west of the city hall (on Kansas Avenue west of Main Street in Independence) is to be utilized as a museum of Jackson County antiquities and also as the office of the county superintendent of schools, who is to be the custodian.