The Jackson County Downtown Courthouse was closed again Monday and will be closed the rest of the week due to a new water line break in an upper floor of the building.

The courthouse, 415 E. 12th St., Kansas City, had been closed last Thursday and Friday after a water main break flooded basement areas and forced the county to shut off power for the building. Staff and contractors worked through the weekend and had the building ready to reopen Monday, but overnight a water line on an upper floor on the east side broke, causing water to leak to the floors below.

By the end of Monday, crews had stopped the leak and started to remove water and clean up the damage.

Tuesday's scheduled Jackson County Legislature meeting has been canceled. While the downtown courthouse is closed, the Clerk of the County Legislature Office and Legislative Auditor's Office have relocated staff to 201 W. Lexington Ave., Independence, Suite 201 – building at the corner of Lexington and Liberty Street.

The county's Collection, Assessment and Recorder of Deeds departments, housed at the historic Truman Courthouse in Independence, will continue to be open.

– Examiner staff