From The Examiner during the week of Feb. 24 to March 1, 1969:

• “A METROPOLITAN OUTLOOK IS URGED FOR THIS AREA” – There is no Maginot line around any community in the metropolitan area, E. Bertram Berkley, president of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, told a gathering of Independence business people here yesterday. “We must have a metropolitan outlook because we compete with other urban areas on a metropolitan basis,” he said.

• “90TH BIRTHDAY HONOR SET FOR TODD GEORGE” – Todd M. George of Lee’s Summit, a former Jackson County treasurer and former Lee’s Summit mayor, will be honored at an open house. George, a realtor who still keeps office hours, was born Feb. 26, 1879 in Woodford County, Kentucky, and came with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. George, to Lee’s Summit in 1883. The elder George was a Confederate veteran, serving under General Buford, and his son served as commander in-in-chief of the old John B. Gordon Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans organized many years ago in Independence.

• ”FORESIGHT OF WASHINGTON CITED AT PATRIOTIC EVENT” – The vision and foresight of George Washington, first president of the United States, as he looked to the development of a great democracy were cited by Rep. William J. Randall and Mayor Donald M. Slusher in addresses before the Independence Patriotic Council’s Washington Day banquet Sunday. “Washington, were he living today, would have recognized that we can’t live in a world without allies, and he would have been for a strong defense posture,” Randall declared. “Washington had a love for law and order,” Mayor Slusher added, “and felt citizens had a responsibility under the constitution to their country. I wonder how he would have felt about the discontent and actions of a minority of our citizens if he were living today.”

From The Independence Examiner during the week of Feb. 24 to March 1, 1919:

• “CITY TO GIVE DANCE” – The City of Independence is to give a ball for the first time, perhaps in its history. This municipal function is to be exercised next Tuesday night when members of the council and other municipal officers, laying aside the cares of business for several hours, will shake their feet with the gay abandon of youth. The purpose of the ball is to raise money to be used in preparing an adequate welcome on the occasion of the return of the boys from overseas war service.

• “A SIX DAY SCHOOL” – Beginning next Saturday school will be held six days a week at Blue Springs until the end of the school term to make up for time lost on account of illness.

• “BLIZZARD HITS TOWN” – A high northwest wind driving snow brought a storm of blizzard proportions down upon this section this morning. Incidentally the mercury dropped to 4 degrees above zero, but the day was much more disagreeable than any day this winter on account of the wind.

• “WOULD TAKE OFF TRAIN” – In a letter to the city council last night, H.S. Dean, superintendent of terminals of the Kansas City Southern Railway Company asked the privilege of discontinuing the train which leaves this city at 6 o’clock in the morning, westbound, for the reason that it does no business sufficient to justify the expense. The train is provided for in the franchise granted by the city to the railway company.

– Compiled by Jeff Fox