More than three months ago, Kelly Phan was sitting at the middle of three workstations at 4 Seasons Nail Salon in Blue Springs when a cargo van accidentally crashed through west-side plate glass windows and angled toward the south wall.

“I jumped to the corner,” Phan said, which meant she dove over the counter first.

It was the third time in 18 months something like that happened – a customer mistakenly pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake, and at least once they didn't realize their mistake and kept pressing the gas.

On Monday, following the last code inspections, the Phan sisters – Kelly's twin sister Kim owns the business, and sister Tina also helps – again re-opened 4 Seasons at the corner of Missouri 7 and Walnut Street. Kim was not there Monday, as she had taken a long-planned trip visiting people in her native Vietnam.

Whereas after a July crash they were closed for six weeks, after the Dec. 5 crash they were closed more than twice as long.

“That customer, it was her first time back since they had closed the previous time,” Linda Baker, a loyal customer who helped the Phans navigate with contractors and insurance people, said of the December crash.

At first glance, one might think vehicles crashed through the glass after coming down the steep entrance from Missouri 7. But, Baker said, the last two crashes occurred after the customer entered from Walnut and drove around to the front.

After the July crash, contractors had put up bollards outside the plate glass windows, but they were PVC pipe filled with concrete, possibly too short and not set in very far.

“It snapped right through (the bollard),” Baker said of the van.

All told, Baker said, it caused an estimated $150,000 damage, covered by Kim Phan's insurance.

Now, there are 18 steel bollards around the front – more than before – 48 inches high and set farther into the ground. Baker said Midwest Comfort Homes was particularly good to work with in rebuilding.

Now, the Phans are back in business, ready to work their customers again.