Local fans of “The Voice” might have seen a familiar face onstage as former Blue Springs resident Renee Myers sailed through the show’s blind auditions.

Contestants hope to earn a spot on a celebrity singer’s “team” and work with that person throughout the season. During the blind auditions, singers perform for a panel of judges who listen without seeing a contestant’s face. A judge who likes a singer gives the contestant the option of working with them throughout the competition.

Three of the four judges – John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton – each jumped at the chance to work with Myers, with Clarkson at one point standing up with enthusiasm at Myer’s performance.

“You’re so good,” she told Myers.

“You’ve really got a beautiful, powerful voice,” said Legend.

Myers, also known as Rizzi Myers to her fans, chose Clarkson to be her coach, showing her a photo of the two of them taken when Myers attended one of Clarkson’s concerts when she was 17.

“It’s just awesome to work with her,” said Myers. “I feel like I’m working with an older sister.”

Myers graduated from Blue Springs High School in 2008. She said she’s been singing since she was 2 years old, and performing since she was 5. Myers explained her dad took notice of her passion early on, and started teaching her musical concepts such as harmony. He would bring her onstage at church with him to sing, and took her to sing karaoke every weekend at Funhouse Pizza.

Myers said she also taught herself to play guitar, and was part of band for awhile, but split off to write and perform her own music. At the age of 22, Myers moved to Nashville, where she began performing and almost immediately signed on to be a songwriter.

“I was already kind of in it (music), and I wanted to pursue it more,” she said. This desire finally led her to pursue an audition for “The Voice.” She had previously considered auditioning for previous seasons, she explained, but it wasn’t until this season she felt the time was right.

“You never know if you never try … and now we’re here,” she said.

Myers performed “Breathin’” by Ariana Grande for the judges. She said the experience and what has followed have helped her grow as a singer.

“I think I’ve grown in confidence. It’s always been a fear of mine to go on TV,” she said. “I feel like this has gotten me through that. I believe in myself more.”

To fans back home working on their own dreams, Myers offered her advice.

“The biggest thing you can ever do to be successful is to not listen to anyone else but yourself. No one knows what you’re capable of but you,” she said. “Don’t try to pretend to be someone else. You can only be you; perfect being you and keep pushing forward.”

Myers also encouraged aspiring artists to find who they are by performing, writing and practicing, and told them not to take no for an answer when it comes to following their passions.

“No’s are another step to a yes,” she said.

Fans can keep cheering on Myers as she moves through the elimination portion of The Voice. Myers added she’s honored to be representing her home.

“Go Chiefs, go Royals!” she said.