Residents and guests will have the opportunity for a guided tour of history this weekend through the Oregon-California Trails Association, which is presenting what it’s dubbed the “Truman and the Trails Symposium.”

According to OCTA, the symposium will “focus on Independence and its role as a starting point for the Oregon, California and Santa Fe trails, as well as Harry S. Truman’s family ties to the trails.”

The guided bus tours of the Independence and Westport routes are sold out, but residents can still attend the symposium lectures, which will take place Friday and Saturday afternoons beginning at 1:30 p.m each day at the National Frontier Trails Museum, 318 W. Pacific Ave., a few blocks south of the Square.

Friday’s guest speakers include Dr. Job Taylor with his lecture entitled “Competing Histories and Independence,” Greg Hatten’s perspective of steamboats, river crossings and “heritage tourism,” and Anne Mallison, who will speak on the topics of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Harry Truman and the National Old Trails Association, according to OCTA.

Additionally, staff from the Truman Presidential Library will have information about the library’s expansion.

On Saturday, speeches include “Independence in the 1840’s,” given by David Jackson. Lou Austin will speak about utilizing historic trails for community improvement, and there will be a panel discussion on the future of the 3-Trails Corridor in the greater Kansas City area.

“I think this symposium will be very timely for those Independence residents who wish to see continued progress on heritage tourism and economic development of our area,” said OCTA Association Manager Travis Boley in an email to The Examiner.

In a later interview he added, ““It’s a unique opportunity to see how intertwined Harry Truman was with the town’s historic trails.”

Information taken from the OCTA-trails event website.