Two beloved Blue Springs public figures were honored Monday for their devotion to the city and to each other. Blue Springs Mayor Carson Ross and First Lady Eloise Ross were given a surprise from off the City Council agenda, presented by the Rev. Dr. Ed “Doc” Golden on behalf of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 317, and Mayor Pro Tem Susan Culpepper.

“I am here… to recognize two very special people from our city,” said Golden.

Carson Ross was recognized not only for his service in Vietnam but for his contribution toward bringing The Wall that Heals, a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, to Blue Springs. The wall serves to recognize and pay respect to those who served and died in the war. Eloise Ross was honored for her devotion to her husband and to the city.

Carson was named a Lifetime Member of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 317, and Eloise was named a “Hero at Home.”

“Your service made a difference, Mayor Sgt. Carson Ross, U.S. Army, and First Lady Eloise Ross, Vietnam Veterans Hero at Home, for exceptional valor, loyalty and community,” said Golden.

Also highlighted was the strength Carson and Eloise offered each other as they served each other and the city.

“One of the things I have seen in the 25 years I have known you – how kind and gentle (you are),” Golden told Carson Ross. “You brought the valor, you brought the courage, and you brought the love back from the war to fight the war you’re fighting now.”

The pair received several gifts, including a proclamation drafted by Culpepper, proclaiming Monday as “Mayor Carson Ross and First Lady Eloise Ross Day.”

“For each and every event in the city of Blue Springs, no matter what day or what the weather was like, we have seen them both out and leading the celebration of life of this town,” read Culpepper. She spoke of how both “gave unselfishly of their time, energy, love and above-and-beyond hard work as an amazing example of what patriotism, loyalty and devotion to fellow citizens look like.”