The city of Blue Springs wants residents to be assured the city will not be affected by the changes in Kansas City’s water service due to flooding.

When Kansas City Water Services announced ongoing treatment challenges presented by the ongoing flooding, it asked consumers to conserve water. Blue Springs has shut off its valve from Kansas City and instead is exclusively taking water from Independence and the Tri-County Water Authority, according to a release issued by the Public Works Department. There will also be no changes to customer’s bills during this time.

The city says it uses around 4 million gallons per day, and 1 million gallons typically come from Kansas City. This can easily be replaced by the other suppliers.

Once the Kansas City is back within normal parameters, Blue Springs plans to flush the line and return to normal operations. Kansas City anticipates its system will be back to normal within days, according to the release.

Brooke Givens, communications and outreach manager for KC Water, said it hasn’t found anything harmful in the water.

Givens explained the influx of water from the Missouri River has caused the turbidity of the water to exceed state standards. This means the clarity of the water has decreased due to more suspended solids in the water than usual.

“We are adjusting our treatment process by the hour to offset the changes in the Missouri River right now,” she said, adding that there is no need for a boil order or advisory. She said some customers have reported odd smells or a green tint to their water but said that’s common in springtime.

The issues KC Water is facing comes from the fact that the excess water coming through has fewer minerals in it. Its treatment process uses these minerals in their process, so they are having to adjust the process as time goes on, according to Givens.