Candidates for the Blue Springs City Council have filed their last campaign finance reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission before Tuesday’s election. There are two contested races, with District 3 Council Member Susan Culpepper running unopposed.


In the District 1 race, which has Scott Casey and Galen Ericson running against incumbent Dale Carter, Casey gas raised a total of $2,435, and spent $980.89, while Carter raised $8,750 and spent $4,821.24. Ericsson raised a total of $7,300 and spent $6,730.

No contributions above $500 were made to Casey’s campaign, and his expenditures included transactions for campaign materials. Two expenditures for materials cost $171.48 each, and a third $444.44. Expenditures of under $100 included those for donation processing fees, food for volunteers and further campaign materials.

Contributions to Carter’s campaign above $500 included:

• $1,000 from the Home Builders Association.

• $1,000 from Robert Talor, owner, Realm Construction.

• $1000 from Catherine Taylor, vice president, Realm Construction.

• $1,000 from the International Association of Fire Fighters.

• $500 from Christine Trainer.

• $500 from Jim Dingman.

• $500 from William Wrisinger, owner, Wrisinger King.

Carter’s expenditures included:

• $472.41 to Printing Edge for campaign signs.

• $122.90 to Office Max/Depot for office supplies.

• $1,555.18 to Printing Edge for Direct Mail and signs.

• $2,000 to Steel City Media for digital advertising.


Contributions made to Ericson’s campaign above $500 included:

• $1,000 from Carla Scott, retired.

• $500 from Vickie Jack, self-employed.

• Two self contributions, $1,100 and $1,000.

Ericsson expenditures included:

• Two transactions to Printing Edge, totaling $1,840.77 and $455.28.

• Two transactions for postage, totaling $358.17 and $1,100.

• $925 for office supplies.

• Two transactions to DRS for printing, totaling $384.76 and $704.



In District 2, incumbent Chris Lievsay is running against Travis Hagewood. Lievsay totaled $2,710 in campaign fundraising, filing a statement of limited activity eight days before the election, meaning he would raise and spend little money. Harewood filed a statement of limited activity 40 days prior to the election, and in his last report, filed $3,722.65 in total receipts.

Contributions made to Lievsay’s campaign above $500 included:

• $500 from Charles M. Cierpiot, retired.

• $500 from the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City.

Lievsay spent less than $100 each for printing, domain restoration and postage.

Contributions made to Hagewood’s campaign above $500 included:

• $500 from the Chipp Political Account (Carpenters Help in the Political Process), St. Louis.

Harewood’s expenditures included $145 for food and drinks at a fundraiser at Johnny’s Tavern, and less than $100 for drinks at a meet and greet at Side Pockets of Blue Springs.


In District 3, Susan Culpepper filed two statements of limited activity, one 40 days prior to election, and one eight days before the election. Culpepper is running unopposed.



None of the Grain Valley candidates for the Board of Aldermen were listed with the Missouri Ethics Commission as of Thursday.