Galen Ericson on Tuesday was elected to the Blue Springs City Council, beating incumbent Dale Carter and Scott Casey in District 1. Incumbents Chris Lievsay and Susan Culpepper will join him, returning to their seats, Culpepper having run unopposed.

The race for the District 1 seat was the most highly contested, with Ericsson earning 627 votes, 41.55 percent of the total turnout, with Carter at 34.99 percent, or 528 votes. Casey received just over 23 percent of the total, with 250 votes.

Carter, who was seeking a fourth term on the council, thanked his supporters Tuesday night and wished Ericson well, making a phone call to offer his full support.

“I truly enjoyed serving ...” Carter said. “I don’t know where we go from here. I need a couple of days to decide we do next, if we do anything.”

On the receiving end of that phone call, Ericson celebrated with family and friends.

“Needless to say … I’m thrilled,” he said. “We did a really good, straightforward, honest and positive campaign. I had wonderful support. Mr. Carter has obviously done a really good job for the city, and I think I can represent us really well.”

Ericson said moving forward, he wants to fully represent the people of Blue Springs.

“When somebody calls I want to be there to answer the question,” he said. “I want to find a solution if there is one.”

Streets and schools were also issues on which Ericson said he would like to focus.

In the District 2 race, Incumbent Lievsay received 582 votes, and Travis Hagewood received 287.

Lievsay ran saying he wished to address city streets and sidewalks, and improve what he called “smart growth and development.” Lievsay said he also wanted to provide more support to the Blue Springs Police Department. Returning to his seat, Lievsay said he will continue to work for these issues, and thanked those who voted to allow him to do so.

“I’m very grateful and I appreciate the continued vote of confidence,” he said.

Culpepper was unopposed.

“I thank the residents in District 3 for the confidence they have placed in me,” she said. “In my coming term there are a couple of things that need to happen. The first is the review of the budget to allocate more funds to our streets. They need to be brought back into good repair.”

Culpepper added she will be pushing to collect the sales tax on internet sales. Culpepper said the voters already approved the tax but the city does not have the ability to collect it.

“As I have said it all boils down to good streets, good infrastructure, progressive economic development, well balanced housing, and safety for our families. It is going to be another busy term and I look forward to working with fellow councilmen to keep our city moving forward,” she said.