All but one of the Blue Springs City Charter amendments proposed by the Charter Review Commission were passed by the voters on Tuesday.

The propositions were unanimously approved to be placed on the ballot by the commission, co-chaired by Jeanie Lauer and Bryan Pratt.

Lauer said the amendments were largely non-controversial, and brought the charter up to date, attempting to eliminate gender bias within the charter’s language. Several amendments also sought to bring more balance to the city council.

The sole amendment to not pass, number nine on the ballot, missed the mark by only 58 votes, or 1.76 percent. The initiative would have allowed city employees to campaign for, and contribute to, the campaign funds of any candidate running for a Blue Springs office.

The initiatives that were passed by the voters included those including gender-neutral pronouns in the charter’s language, and granted the city council more power in removing city officials from office. The minimum age of the city administrator was also changed from 21 to 25. The requirement for a council member or mayor to not be a registered sex offender was also included in an initiative changing the minimum age for city council members from 21 to 25.

Each of the other charter amendments passed with a wide margin, each one well past 60 percent of the vote, and most reached 80 percent of the vote.