A renovation four years in the making is getting ready to start, pending City Council approval next month. The north Blue Springs Price Chopper at 1305 N. Missouri 7 could see a facelift after the council has a chance to review a petition for a community improvement district, which would implement a one-cent tax.

“I think this project has floated around for at least four years,” said Thomas Cole, the city’s community and economic development director. “Finally we’re at a point where they (Price Chopper) are comfortable with their plans and their goals.

The council will look at the possibility of improving the CID, which would implement a one-cent sales tax on goods purchased at the store.

“A CID, as far as the city goes, is probably the least invasive when it comes to tax dollars,” said Cole.

“It doesn’t take anything out of the city coffers,” he confirmed. “It’s kind of a tax by choice.”

The funds generated would go toward reimbursing the project’s developer for elements of the renovations. Cole said these elements largely include those that will be immediately visible to consumers, such as lighting, parking lot improvements and potentially plumbing.

Cole confirmed the tax would end after the costs of improvements are paid off, or after 23 years, whichever comes first. He estimated the total cost of the project to be $5.5 million, and not all of it will need to be covered by the CID. The developer will eventually submit a final list of what can be reimbursed..

“I think they’re being pretty conservative. … I think it’ll be a little more aggressive than that and we can terminated before 23 years.”

Cole said the company submitted a blight study, confirming the building has fallen into enough disrepair and age to qualify for a CID. If the council chooses to approve the CID on May 20, Cole said the company is prepared for a fast turnaround, looking to start construction on June 1.

“Their plan is for it to remain operational throughout the entire project,” Cole added.

The company would renovate the store one section at a time, allowing it to stay in use during the improvement process. Cole estimated the completion date to be around Halloween.