A Kansas City man has been charged with murder in connection with an incident that ended at a gas station and a fast-food restaurant on Blue Ridge Cut-Off across from Kauffman Stadium.

Kansas City police say it happened just before 7 p.m. Tuesday night. A woman told police she picked up two men, Dwayne Sutton and Carl L. Farnsworth Jr., at a motel near 63rd Street and U.S. 350. As they drove, she saw that Farnsworth was “erratic,” acting “crazy” and was “higher than anyone” she had ever seen.

Farnsworth, sitting in the front seat with his back to the dashboard, said someone had taken his money. Sutton, sitting in the back, tried to calm him down and told him no one had taken his money. At one point, the driver turned up the radio to drown out Farnsworth.

At about Interstate 435 and Eastwood Trafficway, the driver felt a compression and her right ear began ringing. Looking in the rearview mirror, she saw Sutton bleeding from the face. She said Farnsworth was waving a gun, and she asked what happened – to which he said, “He shot me in the back of the head first.” In fact, Farnsworth had not been shot.

The driver called 911 and drove to the area of I-70 and Blue Ridge Cut-off, pulling up to a pump at the BP station there. Farnsworth gave her his gun, got out of the car – video showed him moving erratically – and ran to a nearby Burger King. Police found him there, and he ran, but they caught him.

The medical examiner determined Sutton had been shot from two and a half to three feet away.

Farnsworth, 26, is charged with second-degree murder, armed criminal action and resisting arrest, all felonies. Farnsworth has a 2016 felony conviction for possession of a controlled substance, so he also faces a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.