Independence Power & Light’s proposed implementation of “smart meters” appears headed for the ballot this August.

Mayor Eileen Weir said at the beginning of Monday’s City Council meeting that a petition to put the question to the voters appears to have enough signatures. On a second petition, it was unclear if there were enough signatures to put a recall of Weir on the ballot.

Petitions were submitted to the city clerk's office today.

The Jackson County Board of Elections now has to validate the petition signatures, which must come from registered voters. Early indications are the mayoral recall petition will not have enough signatures to produce a measure on the Aug. 6 ballot.

Petitions needed signatures from at least 5 percent of the city's registered voters (3,084 people citizens) to produce a ballot measure on smart meters and from 8 percent (4,934) to produce a mayoral recall. The smart meter petition has been sent to the Board of Elections. City Clerk Sarah Carnes-Lemp said the mayoral recall petition will be submitted to the board Tuesday morning, as she received the petition late Monday afternoon.

The Board of Elections has 30 days to verify signatures, “but they’ve never taken that long,” Carnes-Lemp, and she hoped to have results by the end of the week or early next week.

If there are not enough valid signatures, Carnes-Lemp said, the petitioner will have 10 extra days to collect signatures.

An ordinance for the City Council to put the smart meter question on the ballot received its first reading at Monday’s meeting.