It matters “not that you won or lost, but how you played the game.” Thus sayeth a “great sportswriter,” Grantland Rice, back in 1927, he at the time paraphrasing the a fifth century B.C. Greek historian.

It’s quite ironic that a sportswriter coined the phrase, this being the morning after, so to speak, of the “shocking incident” that brought down the winner of the Kentucky Derby. If you haven’t caught up with the story – number 1, where on Earth have you been, and number 2, I shall tell you.

A protest was made at the end of the race, and our apparent winner – Maximum Security – was, after a very long, hard look at the videotape by three vastly experienced judges, taken down for impeding.

Now my darling husband, Sir, is quite an aficionado of horse racing, his being a major presence at The Woodlands in its day, and he, upon reviewing the tape, agrees with the judges.

Now there are howls of protest, of course. Mutterings such as, “Well yeah, you would take a horse down in a maiden race for that – but this is the Derby!”

That’s a little like saying the 18-year-old who chopped off his mother’s head shouldn’t be punished as much as a 60-year-old accused of the same crime. The law, funnily enough, is the law, and whipping off mummy’s noggin’ is a no-no at any age.

All the weeping and bemoaning going on really reminds me of a time we went to see a child’s hockey game, and upon asking “what’s the score?” we were told that nobody kept the score because it would be too upsetting for the losers to know they’d lost.

Now look, kids: If you lost, tough it up, learn from it, and move right along. On the flip side, if you won, you are permitted to smile beamingly, but you are most definitely not allowed to belittle your opponent by gloating. There is a lesson for both sides, and people obviously have quite forgotten that it’s perfectly OK to lose. You can’t, you see, win ’em all.

Well, just think of the 2016 election, which if one party had its way, is still going on to this very day, and will, I have not a shadow of a doubt, continue until the victor in the 2020 elections is named. Unless of course the “wrong” victor is named, and then we shall go forward trying to change the course of history for another four years ad infinitum until we all curl up into small puff balls and blow away in the wind of all the politicians’ hot-air blustering.

The Mueller report has been released, dissected and discussed ad nauseum. It’s over. Put a fork on it, it’s done. Move on.

It’s all over bar the shouting, sweethearts. I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but disappointment is a part of life. I will now no doubt be accused of being politically incorrect by some, I am sure – but you know what? I don’t particularly care.

Let’s call a spade a #$%%^^ shovel and get on with life, shall we?

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at