After a long work week I was looking forward to relaxing with my girls on Mother’s Day. A local winery was going to provide a day of doing nothing but enjoying their company.

The five of us (my daughters, sister and niece) spend every Mother’s Day together and, as tradition would have it, typically it produces a story worth sharing.

With a table reserved on the patio and rain coming down in buckets, we expected the event to be moved indoors. Upon arrival it was apparent the frazzled employee hadn’t checked the weather forecast and wasn’t prepared. We arrived first, which is how we typically roll, and she was nearly in tears.

The parking lot was quickly filling up with guests and although help was on the way for the solo employee, it was evident I needed to take control of the situation, because, again, that’s how we roll.

With the tables and chairs soaking wet on the patio there wasn’t time to dry them off and another storm was coming. Without too much effort to convince her, the lone employee pointed the girls and me into the direction of the storage room holding the tables, chairs and tablecloths.

Within 20 minutes we had the indoor space set up, complete with reservation signs for the parties waiting to get in. When my niece and sister arrived, the same employee informed them they weren’t ready to open yet. My niece questioned the employee, as she saw our car in the parking lot, but couldn’t find us. It didn’t surprise her when the stressed-out young lady told her we were setting up the event.

Strange situations are not strange for me. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of being in the wrong place and the right time, but it happens so often, it’s no longer surprising.

A few years ago, while sitting at a stoplight, my daughter and I heard a rumbling coming from the ground next to our car. Looking out the window we watched a 40-foot power pole fall, in slow motion it seemed, and land 20 feet from our car. The light turned green as we just sat there, staring out the window and contemplating how close we came to being crushed by a light pole.

The same daughter (maybe she has this aura thing too and doesn't know it yet) was with me when we were again sitting at a stoplight. A gust of wind came out of nowhere, jerked a 20-foot flagged rope off of a grand opening sign and wrapped it around our car. The light turned green and I drove for two miles, dragging it behind us, as it flapped in the wind.

Just the other day as I was walking out the door to go to a family dinner, my guy yelled for me to stop because there was something hanging out of the pant leg of my jeans. My first thought was – it's a brown recluse spider and it had already eaten its way through to my skin. It wasn't.

He pulled a pair of my underwear out of my pants leg.

Now that's what I would classify as another “strange situation.”

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at