Van Horn High School

63rd annual commencement

Saturday at the Community of Christ Auditorium

Class size: 204 graduates

Top 10: Litzy Alvarado-Islas, Roberto Arcia, Jameson Baker, Bryanna Counts, Selena Gonzalez, Paul Hemingway, Marion Jackson, Mary Johnson, Mailyn Rios Meraz, Karli Schnakenberg.

Post-secondary: $5 million in potential renewable scholarships.

Class speaker: Mailyn Rios Meraz: She said the senior class was blessed to be a diverse group, that no matter you are, “You never had to feel like an outcast.

“This diversity we have is a beautiful thing that has been given to us the past four years,” Rios Meraz said, “and now we're going to unfamiliar surroundings.”

Meraz urged her classmates not to become part of a statistic of people that struggle.

“We will walk into a room of unfamiliar faces and not back down,” she said. “Don't let this (graduation) be your crowning achievement. Let's keep striving for more, and we'll teach the world.”

– Compiled by Mike Genet