A well-used recycling spot for Blue Springs residents might be leaving due to overuse and inconsiderate dumping, according to its owner and operator.

Scott Jacobs, owner of Blue Springs Recycling Center, near the American Legion Post 499 Hall on Missouri 7, keeps three large bins open for residents to drop off their recycling materials at no charge, a courtesy separate from the business. However due to the amount of trash and non-recyclable waste being left in front of the bins, he said the service might disappear.

When the materials are left in front of the bins, often because they are overflowing, trucks are unable to access them and empty their contents, forcing Jacobs and his employees to spend time each morning cleaning the area before work.

“It takes my employees’ time, energy and effort, and we need to be doing other things,” Jacobs said.

A former recycling center owned by the city of Blue Springs, at Pink Hill Park, closed in 2017, leaving Jacobs’ bins the only option for many residents. Jacobs explained he used to keep only one open, which was dumped once a week. Now each of the three bins he keeps outside his business are dumped three days a week, and cost him $500 a month to keep open.

“This is a service we provide for the community,” he said. “It just started getting out of hand.”

Jacobs and his employees must remove all non-recyclable materials and place them in their own trash bins. Any materials lying near the bins can lead to extra fees.

In order to keep the service available for the community, Jacobs asks residents to be mindful of when the bins are full and be willing to come back later to dispose of their recyclables. Taking care not to include basic trash is also a help to ensure the service is not misused. The business recommends driving by during business hours to check the status of the bins.

If the issue isn’t resolved, Jacobs said he will be removing the bins. For now they will be staying, provided residents are sure not to abuse the service. The company has recently posted updates on social media on the status of the bins, but still ask residents to check prior to dumping their materials.