Blue Springs’ first splash pad will be a focal point of the celebration hosted by the Blue Springs Parks and Recreation Department Wednesday.

The department will show off the newly renovated Burrus Old Mill Park from 4 to 6 p.m., featuring a new jungle-themed playground, a basketball court, skate park and new shelters. The playground and splash pad will be available for use and enjoyment during the celebration, and the public is invited to attend and be the first to use the new attractions. Free food and drink, along with a few other giveaways, will also be provided according to the department.

Shelters can now be reserved for use from June 22 onward at the following rates. Shelters cannot be reserved for dates prior to June 22.

Weekday rate (3 hours)

• Small Shelter: $50, 74 individuals

• Large Shelter: $75, 96 individuals

Weekend rate (All day)

• Small Shelter: $100, 74 individuals

• Large Shelter: $150, 96 individuals

The renovations to the skate park have been completed, but according to the department the concrete is still in the “curing” process, meaning it is not available for use yet. It is recommended to not use the facility until June 21.

The park is considered an active construction site until Wednesday.