As the Missouri Department of Transportation continues its paving work along Interstate 70, the following ramps will be closed overnight from 8 p.m. Tuesday until 5 a.m. Wednesday:

• From eastbound I-70 to southbound Interstate 470/Missouri 291.

• From westbound I-70 to southbound Missouri 291/I-470.

• From northbound Missouri/I-470 to westbound I-70.

• From eastbound I-70 to northbound Missouri 291/I-470.

• From southbound Route 291/I-470 to eastbound I-70.

The last four are loop ramps, only two of which will be closed at a time, MoDOT says, but at a varying schedule.

The ongoing paving project along I-70 between that intercourse and Blue Ridge Cutoff started in April and is expected to be complete in July.

– Examiner staff