From The Examiner during the week of June 9-14, 1969:

• ‘BUILDING STRIKE EFFECTS FELT HARDEST HERE” – With the strike by painters and ironworkers now more than 10 weeks old and over 95 per cent of all construction in the Independence area shut down, local builders are beginning to regard the entire summer as “pretty well shot.” One builder, Cecil Cross, said virtually all commercial construction had stopped six weeks ago and also “all residential building except that which can be finished up.”

• “FIRST WOMAN EVER ON CHAMBER BOARD” – The first woman to serve as a director of the Independence Chamber of Commerce, which was organized in 1920, took her place yesterday. Mrs. Carl Sapper Jr.. elected unanimously at a preboard session during the luncheon, took her seat with the all-man board following the luncheon. Mrs. Sapper and her husband have owned and operated Sapper’s Gift Shop, 116 S. Main, since 1961 and have been active Chamber members. She is a native of Independence, the former Miss Elizabeth Bush.

From The Independence Examiner during the week of June 9-14, 1919:

• “FAVOR SPECIAL SESSION” – J. Allen Prewitt, representative in the legislature from this district, has written a letter to Governor F.D. Gardner, offering his services, free of any cost to the state, at a special session of the legislature to ratify the Woman Suffrage Amendment to the Federal Constitution at once, and expressing his belief that practically every member of the legislature would do the same. “I think it especially desirable that Missouri act early,” Prewitt said. “Missouri needs to do something to counteract much unfavorable publicity that has befallen her in times not far past.”

• “SUGAR CREEK EXCITED” – Saturday at the Standard Oil plant was announced an industrial relations plan which is to be put into operation in the three big refineries of the company. W.H. Moffett, manager, said, “We have 1,500 employees at the Sugar Creek plant, and all are entitled to have a voice in this matter if they have been employed here sixty days or more. … The company welcomes this plan of settling matters that may come up between it and its employees, and the fact that a man takes up any matter with us through this means will not in the slightest prejudice his relations with the company unless he is shown to be clearly wrong.”

• “SHOWED PRIZE RABBITS” – A new kind of show for Independence was given last night on the lawn of the home of Dr. E.E. Kerr, 217 North Pleasant Street. The exhibits consisted of rabbits and cavies, or guinea pigs. Fifty-one of the little animals were on exhibition, consisting of these varieties – Belgian hares, New Zealand Reds and Flemish Giants.

– Compiled by Jeff Fox