Missouri voters have given medical marijuana facilities the green light, but federal laws aren’t making it easier for them to conduct business yet.

U.S. banks are not allowed to accept financial deposits from medical marijuana institutions since the drug is still illegal on the federal level. Because of this, any facilities popping up in Missouri next year will be cash-only unless federal legislation changes.

Kelli Montgomery, coordinator for the office of U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II, a Kansas City Democrat whose district includes much of Eastern Jackson County, said the House Financial Services Committee plans a hearing on a bill to allow banks to handle medical marijuna-related funds without fear of legal persecution. Cleaver is on the committee.

“There’s been talk about an actual bill just legalizing it (federally) moving through the House,” she said. “They’re looking at what works best for the nation as far as being able to get the money in and out. It’s legal in the state of Missouri, and we’re going to start seeing businesses up and running.”

“The issue with the state of Missouri currently is, if you are a patient and you get your card, you can grow three plants in your home for yourself,” Montgomery explained, “Then how do we update the police department on that? How do the police know that it’s supposed to be there?”