The Blue Springs City Council on Monday pledged its support for the concept of a new center, proposed by the Blue Springs SPIRIT Council, a group of volunteers who gathered through the efforts of the Human Relations Commission last year. SPIRIT is short for Site Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together.

The proposed structure, which the Spirit Council describes as a “life skills center,” would be used to enhance the health, safety and well-being of residents by providing a one-stop shop for resources and guidance. The SPIRIT Council is exploring the benefits of such a center.

Mayor Carson Ross congratulated representatives of the group on seeing the council pass the resolution of support.

“This is something we’ve been discussing for awhile,” he said. “We look forward to continuing to have a dialogue with the community.”

In addition to serving as a community meeting space, the center would provide programming to the community to “foster self-reliance and self-advocacy in youth and adults,” according to documentation provided by the organization. Improving mental health resources and extending the reach of health and wellness services and providers is also on the list, along with improving interpersonal connections within the community through community activities.

Ideally, the center would bring in speakers to conduct classes and seminars at no cost to residents, and host daily youth-centric activities. Organizers have not identified a site.

According to the SPIRIT Council, funding for the center could be provided through business sponsorships, community foundations or grants, and opportunities can be made available once a non-profit 501(c)3 application is successfully filed.

The creation of the center is one of three items the SPIRIT Council wants to tackle. The others are the development of new methods to communicate city activities and resources to residents, and a review of ordinances with the goal of limiting certain businesses they deem predatory, such as payday lenders and stores that sell adult material.