From The Examiner during the week of June 16-21, 1969:

• “HOW TO SOLVE DILEMMA OF HIGH STADIUM BIDS TACKLED” – Jackson County sports complex planners rallied today from a surprise and rather stunning blow and began looking for ways to solve the biggest problem that has developed thus far in development of the massive project. Members of the county court and the sports authority were disappointed and almost shocked when the lowest of two bids on construction of the two stadiums amounted to $8.2 million in excess of the bond money available for the complex structure. “This means that it will be necessary for us to sit down with our staffs and the contractors and go over the bids with the fine tooth comb,” said Dutton Brookfield, chairman of the sports authority.

• “WATER POLLUTION BOARD JOGS CITY” – The city was taken to task yesterday for its tardiness in applying for state-federal water pollution grants. The criticism came during a Missouri Water Pollution Board public hearing to determine the lack of progress the city is making toward fulfilling a schedule of construction filed with the board about a year ago. Several residents of the Rock Creek watershed appeared before the board reciting complaints of inadequate sanitary sewer lines and the inconvenience of surplus runoff water flooding homes, yards and basements.

• AT THE MOVIES: The I-70 Drive-in Theater had a triple bill: Steve McQueen in “Bullitt,” John Wayne in “The Green Berets,” and Frank Sinatra in “Naked Runner.” The Hiway 40 Drive-in Theatre had “Eye of the Cat,” “Secret Ceremony” and “Brides of Dracula.” The Englewood was showing “Gone with the Wind.”

From The Independence Examiner during the week of June 16-21, 1919:

• ‘HARVEST HAS BEGUN” – Wheat harvest has begun in eastern Jackson County. The first wheat that is being harvested ripened abnormally by reason of having fallen and will not be of very good quality, it is said. On account of the good wages being paid and the necessity of more help than can be found in the country, there is an opportunity for surplus labor in the towns and cities to help itself and also help the farmers by going out into the harvest fields for a few days.

• “FOR A CITY PARK” – Definite steps toward securing a city park for Independence are being made by the City Council, the Cosmopolitan Club and the Federation of Men’s Bible Classes. The committee has in mind several pieces of property, one of which is the Swope property on South Pleasant Street.

• AT THE MOVIES: The New Lewis Theater had a variety of movies day to day, including “Tarzan of the Apes,” Douglas Fairbanks in “Knickerbocker Buckeroo” and Fatty Arbuckle in “Good Night Nurse.”

– Compiled by Jeff Fox