Independence mayor got it right on LGBT flag

Judith Sturgess, Independence

To the editor:

Thank you, Mayor Weir, for your determination to honor LGBTs with your small flag waving in the breeze above city hall. It is confounding to me how those who say they love God so much are so hateful to all humanity, despite the admonition to”...judge not, lest you be judged.” The world would be a much better place if we celebrated each person’s unique humanity and stopped trying to make everyone fit our own idea of how they should live. Like the old song rang out, “Everyone is beautiful in their own way!” May the PRIDE flag long wve free.



Powerful World War II image evokes memories

Ronnell Townsend, Independence

To the editor:

The U.S. Postal Service stamp in honor of the USS Missouri regarding the war with Japan and the end of World War II on Sept. 2, 1945 reminded me of Norman O’Quinn, a fellow member of Christ United Methodist Church on 39th Street with me many years and what he told me when the U.S. submarine landed at Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped.

The total devastation he related to me was beyond words, photos or cinema. It was the most tragic thing he had ever seen in his life.

Now he has been gone for years, and I am the one in a nursing home like him when I visited before his death and I attended his military funeral at Christ United Methodist Church, and I will never forget him.



We owe the tax, so let’s just pay the tax

Jim Turner, Independence

To the editor:

Wow, my standard deduction for federal and state income taxes increased to $12,000 last year, so I got nice refunds. Thanks, Uncle Sam!

There were no lines for unpaid e-sales tax, so I avoided paying those to the city of Independence. Or was that tax evasion? Just because we don’t have a mechanism to collect this tax doesn’t mean we don’t owe them.

A 2.25% sales tax would be $2.25 to the city for my $100 online purchases. I owe this money and need to pay it. We need to crack down on our tax evasion by voting yes on Prop P on Aug. 6.

The tax will go toward police and pet protection, so what’s not to like?



Off-base health-care ads are a distortion

Martin Walsh, Glendale, Mo.

To the editor:

Have you seen the recent TV ads attacking the concept of Medicare for All? It is Karl Rove and his billionaire buddies using their dark money PAC, One Nation, distorting truth for their selfish agenda again. The ads show people in a country with government-run health programs having trouble getting non-emergency procedures, from MRIs to surgeries. There is some truth that even thousands get delayed non-emergency procedures. The lie comes in when compared to America, where prior to their hated Obamacare, there were 50 million unable to get these services due to lack of insurance, and therefore without doctors to diagnose and refer these 50 million. (Obamacare has at least reduced those without care to about 20 million. Sad but better.)

So, a few thousand vs. 50 million. Are Karl Rove and his billionaire buddies really looking out for you?