Prop P advances two important city goals

Marvin Sands, Independence

To the editor:

Coming up Aug. 6 will be an important election for the city of independence. On the ballot will be an issue described as “Prop P.” “Prop P” will be a “use tax” placed on goods purchased out of state for delivery to and used in the city of Independence. The tax will also apply to online sales of goods sold to Independence residents.

The tax rate will be 2.25% or $2.25 for every $100 of goods purchased. One very important point to be made here is that these same goods WILL NOT be subject to a sales tax or any other type of use tax.

To further clarify the new taxL If a purchase of goods is made in Missouri and subject to a sales tax, then the new Use Tax or Prop P will not apply. In other words – no double taxation.

Now, why the new tax on certain specified goods? The city of Independence has two major goals it wants to achieve, and both are important to the city. First, the city needs to hire additional police officers to support our current manpower needs but especially to improve response times when emergencies occur, which could and probably will save lives. Second, half the revenue will allow the city to take over and help support the Regional Animal Shelter as a safe, no-kill facility for lost and abandoned pets.

As we all can easily see, revenue from this source will serve two important functions for our city and provide the necessary funding it needs to continue to move the City of Independence ever forward.

Please support “Prop P” on Aug. 6 with your vote.



Prop P means better care for animals in need

Susan Knittle, Independence

To the editor:

I am writing from a very personal place to ask readers to support Proposition P for pets and police. The city of Independence has contracted with Jackson County to operate the regional animal shelter after the departure of Great Plains SPCA. The land and building are part of the package and a very nice package it is. Oversight of the shelter still comes at a cost in order to maintain the high quality of care and a “no kill” shelter. Prop P will provide funding for the shelter without impacting the city’s general fund that provides basic city services and governance. The 2.25% sales tax on online purchases will be dedicated to the animal shelter and increased police protection.

This is an opportunity for the city government and citizens of Independence to show that they are a responsible, caring community that supports humane practices that benefit pets and pet owners. I recently lost a very special rescue dog and was reminded that our pets are family members and earn our love and respect every day we have them. I am asking in Sierra’s memory that you check out the shelter, visit if you have not been there. Ask about special programs that give animals a better chance for adoption that help more animals and people get the care and adoption support that they deserve.

Please take the time to learn more at and vote YES on Aug. 6.